Welcome to the ‘Print Flyers’ extension for WooCommerce.

Your online store sells for you round-the-clock, but only while the customer is in front of their screen. Print Flyers makes it possible for your visitors to print clear, concise information about the product they are currently viewing, for viewing later. As store manager you have the option to add a header and footer to each flyer. These areas can be used for branding, store opening hours, returns policy, discount codes, etc.

With most onlines stores, printing direct from the store page isn’t successful, because the web page will include a lot of information that the customer won’t need, such as the website heading, menus, footer and sidebars. The printout may extend onto several pages, wasting a lot of paper. Information about variants which is often on hidden tabs won’t print at all.

With Print Flyers installed, you can offer your customers a better solution.

Sample flyers generated automatically by Print Flyers

How does Print Flyers work?

Print Flyers adds a printer icon to all of the single product pages of your WooCommerce store. Click this to open a new browser window containing a print-friendly version of the product information. Print direct from this print preview window. Simple!

As store owner, you can choose which elements are shown on the print-out. You also have fine control over the position and appearance of this printer icon which triggers the print option.

Who benefits from Print Flyers?

  • Customers who need time to make their purchasing decision; perhaps to review while travelling;
  • Customers who need to show a selection of products to another person for sign-off before purchase;
  • Store owners who haven’t got time or a budget to design and print flyers for every product in their store;
  • Store owners who can’t get their printed literature into their customers’ hands because, since they operate an online store, they never see their customers nor do they have their address.
  • Store owners who understand how much a customer might appreciate a printed voucher;
  • Store owners who need a way to catalogue their products off-line;
  • Everyone who wants to make more money from their WooCommerce store.

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