Logo for Print FlyersPrint Flyers adds a print button to the single product page, so store visitors can print their own professional-looking WooCommerce product literature straight off the page.

  • Customers don’t always purchase on their first visit; now they can print off the information they need, discuss their decision with others and return to purchase at a later date.
  • Easy to use straight out of the box, using default settings. Or customise the layout of the page in many ways.
  • As store manager, you choose what customers print – image galleries, reviews, variations, prices… it’s up to you.
  • Irrelevant information won’t be printed, such as sidebars – just the product information you select.
  • Add your own headers and footers – including custom images. Product information can become colorful branded flyers, complete with your contact details. Or use some imagination to make something more. You could add your terms of business, your returns policy, or how about a requisition order, purchase order form, a guarantee or a discount coupon?
  • You have fine control over the position and appearance of the print button, including the option to add your own print icon and button legend.
  • Add the button to every product, or just to those you select by using a shortcode in the product description.
  • As store manager, you’ll find it useful as a way to document your products, and you can also print flyers to include with purchases – encouraging further sales.
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